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Akers Chiropractic offers Las Vegas chiropractic services in the areas of Auto Accidents, Sports Injuries, Personal Health, Back Pain, Neck Pain and Work Injuries. We are the preferred Chiropractic provider for Las Vegas Athletic Clubs. We accept most insurances including Culinary and UFCW/JAS. Relieve your pain and build your health with Akers Chiropractic.

Las Vegas Chiropractor, Dr. Terry Akers

A continued schedule of regular chiropractic checkups can help detect, correct, and maintain optimum spinal and nervous system function. Find out how chiropractic care, combined with proper diet, exercise, and other aspects of good health and personal hygiene can enhance your well-being and help you enjoy life to the fullest. Ask Dr. Akers for a care program designed for your age, condition, and lifestyle.

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